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The White House cut and run in New Orleans

Posted by schroeder915 on April 6, 2006

We shouldn’t have to beg the leader of the free world to make quick decisions where hundreds of thousands of lives are in play.

The Times-Picayune:

A delay by the White House has practical implications for the thousands of residents of southeast Louisiana wondering whether to return and rebuild: The Federal Emergency Management Agency won’t “certify” updated flood elevation maps for the region until the White House requests extra levee protection. Without FEMA certification, insurers won’t sell policies and homeowners are unlikely to rebuild.

The Brookings Institution is reporting what every New Orleanian has been screaming about for seven months:

At the root of the halting progress … is pervasive uncertainty among residents about the future safety of levees, the unfinished federal flood maps and proposed financial help for home reconstruction from government agencies.

“With those things unresolved, the market, the consumer, and the family cannot make informed decisions at this time,” [a Brookings researcher] said, adding that many owners of flooded homes are in a “gut (their homes) and wait” posture.

Federal officials must move quickly in resolving thorny financial and regulatory issues, and state and local authorities must prepare to quickly explain and carry out recovery programs

Hey monkey boy! Pee or get off the pot!

And all you a-holes in Congress — we’re coming for you this fall! You better start getting it!


One Response to “The White House cut and run in New Orleans”

  1. Tim said

    Think about this: In his State of the Union address a few years ago, President Bush announced his bold plan to return to the moon and send a manned mission to Mars.

    Have you heard anything about that one lately?

    So why are we surprised that he seems to have forgotten about a speech he made in Jackson Square?



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