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New Orleans’ shifting radio market

Posted by schroeder915 on March 29, 2006

New Orleans has been granted a Nielsen ratings reprieve for now, but once ratings return to a city with less than half its original population, some stations may not survive. It’s exciting, because stations are now trying to reposition themselves for a changing market.

I don’t know if either of these stations existed before, but I encourage people to listen in.

The Rajun Cajun, KLRZ Larose, 100.3 plays mostly zydeco with a sprinkling of country. I became fascinated with the station last week when, before 6 AM (I think), I heard them broadcasting a Catholic mass in cajun french — my God, what a concept!!! It’s amazing! This is what radio ought to be.

New Orleans Martini, 106.1 — okay, it’s a really stupid station name, but I heard them play Pete Fountain this morning! Can you imagine? What? A *New Orleans* radio station actually playing *New Orleans* music? What a revolutionary idea!!!


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