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The Irish kinship with New Orleans

Posted by schroeder915 on March 27, 2006

This post comes a little late, but since many are still observing the lenten season, and since St. Patrick’s Day is a lenten holiday … this morning, I was digging through the sheaf of printed articles I thought I spend a little bit more time reading, only to delay reading them until today. I revisited a post by Mark Folse of Wet Bank Guide, “If I Should Fall from Grace,” which made me proud to share, in my Irish heritage, a common cultural affinity to Louisiana, even though I wasn’t born here:

Most Louisianians would feel immediately at home in Ireland, as I did when I visited over a decade ago. The joie de vivre of music, food and drink are so like those of Louisiana, it’s as if you discovered a new parish, a lost part of Acadiana. Fiona Ritchie, host of the Celtic music show Thistle & Shamrock, once endorsed my own personal view–the Acadians are the lost tribe of the Celtic race. After a day in Ireland, you would understand why.

That guy sure can write!!!


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