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Ray Ray’s hittin’ the crack pipe again

Posted by schroeder915 on March 22, 2006

The New York Times:

“If a Category 5 hits us, probably the city will be gone and the levees will still be standing. The work they’re doing is just incredible,” Nagin said of ongoing work by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.

Okay, that’s very funny Ray Ray. I know you’re just exaggerating ‘cuz you’re a funny guy.

Okay … so really, are you saying that those levees can withstand a Category 5 storm? So … like … we don’t need Category 5 storm protection? Is that really what you’re saying?

And I find it interesting that you’re going off talking to the Associated Press about how you have a plan to evacuate the city. Wow! That’s really funny, because I don’t think anyone in New Orleans heard about that plan Ray Ray.

And what’s that? You actually have a plan to do something logical, and you didn’t have to bury it in committee for six months?!!!

Maybe you’re finally coming around Ray Ray, but that won’t change my vote for Mitch Landrieu.


3 Responses to “Ray Ray’s hittin’ the crack pipe again”

  1. adrastos said

    Excellent post. We’re definitely on the same wavelength on this one I’m just not sure what drug he’s on…

  2. ashley said

    Man, Ray really needs to STFU, at least until April 23. The more he talks, the farther behind he gets.

    However, I wouldn’t insult crack users like that. At least we know what their motivation is.

  3. Mr. Clio said

    Ray ain’t on crack. He’s drinking from the same tub o’ Kool-Aid that Jindal’s drinking from.

    When did Ray become an expert on levee construction? Did he go to Tulane? Oh, sorry, forgot. They’re ending that program.

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