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Happy Katrina Mardi Gras video

Posted by schroeder915 on March 4, 2006

3.9 MB

3/05/06 update: If the video doesn’t download right away, or if you get a “page not available” error, try reloading the page, or right-clicking and saving the file to your hard drive to view. I’m serving the video out of a quirky Yahoo Geocities account.

3/07/06 update: Thanks Rob — here’s an alternate download location at


9 Responses to “Happy Katrina Mardi Gras video”

  1. Marco said

    I kinda’ liked the drumming at the beginning of the video. I wish you had filmed more that. I was beginning to trance out. Then I wouldn’t have seen or heard the Jesus freaks.

  2. humidhaney said

    video ain’t playin’

  3. humidhaney said

    but on the note of the jesus freaks, i used to like to talk to them when i was in high school and we went down to Bourbon to get drinks. my friends hated it when i did that. but man was it a blast. such idiots.

  4. Edie said

    I couldn’t access the video. Is this the Westboro group?

  5. Cade Roux said

    When we told my grandmother that we weren’t having our baby baptized, she said we don’t need any atheists or Anti-Christs in the family – she wasn’t joking, but I stood firm.

  6. Mixter said

    I especially liked the blood-soaked Jesus…


  7. Steve said

    Gotta love them conspiracy theorists right wing religious nuts! I’m Catholic and all, but I dont pass judgement on anyone for their beliefs(guess thats why the one guys sign had Catholics on it as going to hell), but these guys annoy the hell out of me.

    We’ve got these pinheads up here called “Operation Save America” that are a triple threat; theyre pro-life, anti- Muslim and anti gay. Theyre actually from Bohunk West Virginia or something, but decided North carolina was a good breeding ground…..Hapy Happy Joy Joy.They sit out on the corners of the major highways in the north side of Charlotte during Nascar races and UNCC graduations with these absolutely huge posters of aborted fetuses. If I was half the punk rocker I used to be, I’d throw paint balloons at them.

    What was the one guy yelling in the background, opposite the Bloody Jesus guy? Was he trying to drown them out?

  8. Rob said

    Couldn’t get it either. You might try using They take pretty big files, I think. Google video or You Tube might let you post it too.

  9. Schroeder said

    Thanks for the suggestions Rob. I’ll try those.

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