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The hurricanes have already won

Posted by schroeder915 on February 19, 2006

After the “circular firing squad” is finished, will anyone be left standing to get down to work to rebuild New Orleans?

I think a lot of people need to be lined up against a wall and offered a blindfold, but can we finally move on? So shoot the bastards and get on with it.

It’s six months since Hurricane Katrina, and other than debris piles being moved away, the city looks the same as it did then, and people still have no hope of rebuilding their homes!

As Caroline Skinner noted in the latest Community Gumbo, was New York City forced to justify its existence after 9/11?

Did we hear anyone say New York was just too vulnerable to terrorists? It wasn’t worth rebuilding? That the terrorists had won?

If Washington questions whether Louisiana should build Category 5 storm protection, whether the coastal marshes should be rebuilt and protected, whether every Louisianian should be made whole from their losses, then the hurricanes have already won.

Who needs terrorists when our own leaders are so willing to throw in the towel on one of the most uniquely American cities!


3 Responses to “The hurricanes have already won”

  1. Rob said

    I guess that means you’re giving “aid and comfort” to the enemy just by talking about it.

    It’s a tragic situation.

  2. Mixter said

    You know, you’re right! New York keeps getting more and more money thrown at them for “Homeland Security.” The homeland ain’t so secure in NOLA these days, is it?

    What a load of crap.


  3. Steve said

    The really sad thing is, if the levees HAD been breached by terrorists, Bush and every other bottom feeder would have been there on thru from Katrina+1, thumping their chests to flag waving crowds and raucous chants of USA,USA.

    The Minister of Re-education Obersturmfuherer Limbaugh, would declare that no rest should be sought until the perpetrators of this dastardly deed were swinging by the neck from telephone poles in the French quarter.

    But instead……

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