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Oh hum, pity pity, what a shame …

Posted by schroeder915 on February 7, 2006

Too bad we can’t help any of you sorry saps, but thanks for boosting our ad revenues (MSNBC via The Smirking Chimp):

It’s now been almost five months since Katrina blew and the levees gave way. And the thing you hear over and over in parts of New Orleans is: It’s as if it happened yesterday. In some neighborhoods, nothing has been touched. The waterline marks each house, along with the spray paint from rescue crews. Cars sit where they were parked during the storm. Police admit it’s possible there are still bodies buried there. There’s no power, no water, no pets — and no people. No visible relief, even after so many Americans have given so much to those with nothing left.



Look you friggin’ idiots (yeah, I’m talking to you Brian Williams — wipe that stupid smirk off your face) — people like A.J. Perkins, who you profiled for the NBC Nightly Snooze, aren’t just wimpering about their bad luck — they’re naming names, starting with George W. Bush.

Don’t just tell the world how miserable people are down here without explaining WHY THE HELL IT IS THAT WAY!!!

Hundreds of thousands of people across the Gulf Coast — but especially displaced New Orleans residents — are not just suffering from dumb luck caused by a nasty old hurricane. Their suffering was, and continues to be, caused directly by the government of the United States of America. There are perpetrators in this crime who need to be held accountable.

You only feed the “Katrina fatigue” syndrome when you simply suck the juice out of a story for cheap sympathy points and don’t explain to your audience the reasons why people are suffering — still!!!


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