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When you’re getting kicked in the teeth, kick back

Posted by schroeder915 on February 1, 2006

Governor Blanco responded to the monkey king’s anti-Louisiana actions last week by saying she felt like she was getting “kicked in the teeth.”

I don’t know why, then, she agreed to make an appearance at his majesterie’s State of the Union address, or how she was able to maintain a calm composure. Today, however, she’s coming out of her corner kicking back — and it’s about effing time!

This might go down in history as legend, just like the Nagin “get off of your asses” outburst on WWL in the midst of the FEMA disaster following Hurricane Katrina:

Gov. Kathleen Blanco warned this week that the state would not support future offshore lease sales in the Gulf of Mexico unless Louisiana gets a share of the federal royalties generated by oil production there.

“It is abundantly clear that allowing development to occur where inadequate provisions are made for the protection of that development is irresponsible,” Blanco wrote to the Mineral Management Service. “The amount of oil and gas activity off our coast means little if we have no coastal communities to take advantage of this activity.”

This year, the revenue stream is getting consideration as a way to finance $32 billion to $40 billion in hurricane protection and coastal restoration projects following Hurricanes Katrina and Rita.

The federal government received $5.7 billion last year from oil and gas production occurring in the Gulf of Mexico from six miles from shore to international waters. Louisiana received about $32 million of that.

Watch the oil markets tumble today — although, if there’s a way to make a profit from the misery of working people, ExxonMobil will find a way to set another record for the biggest corporate profit in history.

Meanwhile, Mayor Nagin and Louisiana’s congressional delegation are measuring their criticism, but they’re obviously disappointed by the monkey king’s miserable commitment to rebuilding Louisiana and the rest of the Gulf Coast.


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