People Get Ready

[ make levees, not war ]

Get your Ray Wonka Chocolate City T-Shirts right’cheer

Posted by schroeder915 on January 21, 2006

This is about New Orleans. This is about a more promising future. This is about closing the racial divide. You’re either with the program to rebuild a better New Orleans, or you’re for the bad old New Orleans. “You’re either for Cat 5 levees, or you’re for the terrorists.” You’re either for racial harmony, or you’re for racial conflict. Where do you stand? Read this before you buy one of those Ray Nagin Willy Wonka Chocolate City T-Shirts. Hurricane Katrina victims deserve better. New Orleans deserves better. Those who seek financial rewards by disseminating language and imagery which promotes social division are passing a heavy debt onto society. Become a part of the solution, not part of the problem. boasts that they’ve sold 3000 T-Shirts in just a few days. At $20 a pop, that’s $60,000 — and they’re not finished selling them yet. Is it just good fun, or is it exploiting an extremely unfortunate and divisive remark, playing into the hands of racists? My question to them, if I were a consumer of hate merchandise, would be, “what good are you going to do with those proceeds?” I think they ought to be asked to justify their actions.


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