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If you really want to know …

Posted by schroeder915 on January 13, 2006

If you really want to know how three-quarters of New Orleans residents feel, Tim’s account of returning to his home near the London Avenue Canal is like getting kicked in the stomach.

I’d say President Bush could have learned more from two minutes reading Tim’s post sitting in the Oval Office than he accomplished traveling thousands of miles to stop in New Orleans for two hours yesterday.

These are pictures of my father and my girl when she was a newborn. These are not digital photos printed at home. They were professionally developed and printed the old fashioned way. At least I think they were. And yet, the colors run. All of our photos share this fate.


4 Responses to “If you really want to know …”

  1. Zev said

    Katrina was just proof that the Democrat supported welfare system of America has failed miserably. It has made people so dependent upon government that they are not able to take care of themselves in an emergency…Instead they just sat their with THEIR thumbs in their own butts waiting for help. Pathetic!

  2. A kick in the stomach is right! How heartbreaking.

  3. Mixter said

    Actually, zev, you’re pretty pathetic. How do you evacuate an entire city? How do the poorest of the poor, the disabled and the elderly just pick up and leave? Lots of people, like schroeder, were fortunate and had a few bucks and a place to go. Those (who you so quaintly say had their thumbs up their butts) had neither.

    When will people like you realize the world is not black and white, but many shades of gray?

    Pathetic, indeed.


  4. ashley said

    Zev, fuck you. Stay in Michigan, and nod in agreement with Rush. You. Don’t. Know. What’s. Going. On. Down. Here.

    Did you not see the pix of Tim’s house?


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