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What if terrorists flew a plane into the World Trade Center of New Orleans?

Posted by schroeder915 on January 9, 2006

Lolis Eric Elie:

In these days when our nation is at war, perhaps the only way to be heard clearly is to speak in the language of homeland security.

We have been losing as much as 40 square miles of homeland a year through coastal erosion. The Gulf of Mexico is taking American territory at a rate of 1 acre every 35 minutes. The loss of wetlands is in part responsible for the increasing ferocity of recent hurricanes.

I know we can’t attack the Gulf of Mexico as we would attack some al-Qaida sleeper cell. But shouldn’t we be doing a better job of securing the homeland along our coast?

And then there’s those hundreds of thousands jobless hurricane victims who remain refugeed from their homes. Oh okay … I guess one might, just maybe, consider that an issue of homeland security. And, oh yeah … DOH! Why didn’t I think of that — the LEVEES! Well heck, that’s kind of a homeland security issue too ain’t it — seein’ as how over 1300 people died because the levee walls built by the federal government blew wide open!

Who needs terrorists from overseas when the number one threat to the country is sitting in the Oval Office (well, actually, he’s probably clearing brush, doing another photo op, or riding his bike — things he likes to do more than sitting in the Oval Office and doing his real job).


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