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Translation anyone?

Posted by schroeder915 on January 9, 2006

This was interesting — a German blog, Nachrichten aus Ubersee, made reference to a few Katrina blogs:

Neues Jahr, mehr Glück
03. Januar 2006, 18:35 Uhr

In New Orleans begann das neue Jahr wie das alte. Provisorisch. Nicht alle Einwohner sind pessimistisch – aber viele sind wütend über die langsame Hilfe.

Einige Blogger haben einen Jahresrückblick eingestellt – hier, hier und hier kann jeder lesen und sehen, was Menschen in New Orleans gerade denken und vor ihren Haustüren fotografieren.

Sie alle wollen Mardi Gras feiern, trotz allem.

Und Mitarbeiter des amerikanischen Roten Kreuzes werden beschuldigt, hunderttausende Dollar Hilfe für die Hurrikan-Opfer stattdessen an Freunde und Familie weitergeleitet zu haben. US-Bürger haben mehr als zwei Milliarden Dollar für New Orleans gespendet.


3 Responses to “Translation anyone?”

  1. Michael said

    Nice find, Schroeder. Babelfish translates as follows (no corrections on my part):

    In new Orleans the new year began like the old. Provisionally. Not all inhabitants are pessimistic – however many are furious over the slow assistance. Some Blogger stopped a yearly review – here, here and here can everyone read and see, what humans in new Orleans straight to think and before their entry doors photograph. They all want to celebrate Mardi grass, despite everything. And coworkers of the American red cross are accused of, of hundredthousands dollar assistance for the hurricane victims instead at friends and family to have passed on. US citizens donated more than two billion dollar for new Orleans.

  2. Polimom said

    Wow! The fish indeed babeled.

  3. It should read instead (only the wrong parts):

    Some Bloggers provided a yearly review …

    … what people in New Orleans do think and which photos they take in front of their doorsteps here (= link: and here (= link: and here (= link:

    And workers of the American Red Cross are accused (link:
    of having embezzled hundred of thousand US Dollars assistance instead to hurricane victims to friends and family members …

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