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He wanted me and my brother to know that he loved us

Posted by schroeder915 on January 7, 2006

Associated Press:

In the darkness of the Sago Mine, one of 12 trapped coal miners scrawled a timeline detailing how he was alive but losing air at least 10 hours after an underground explosion, his daughter said Saturday. …

“He didn’t know how much more time he had. But he wanted everybody to know to tell my mom that he loved her,” she said. “And he wanted me and my brother to know that he loved us.”

Meanwhile, although the mine is closed, International Coal Group Inc. chief executive Ben Hatfield assured workers:

There will be no layoffs. He said employees would be paid for the whole week, and offered them temporary jobs at ICG’s other mines in the region.

Wow — what an upstanding American! Was there ever any doubt that he would take care of the people making him rich?


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