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Name your ULI advocates and critics

Posted by schroeder915 on January 4, 2006

What will New Orleans look like in the future? Jack-o-lantern, checkerboard, 18th century, all white?

I’m working on a public affairs broadcast on the ULI plan. I want to cover the spectrum of opinions, but I don’t necessarily need official players.

Contact me offline if you like — schroeder915 at yahoo dot com.


2 Responses to “Name your ULI advocates and critics”

  1. Michael said

    I’d be REAL interested to see how serious the proposals are for light rail throughout the city and/or surrounding region. I’m, um, happy–sort of–to hear sound arguments being made, for instance, the utility of a system in evacuating the city (not that I’m hoping for another storm, of course).

  2. Maverick said

    Fuck that, I don’t want to live there if it looks like that, then!

    Maverick Kumari

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