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$29 billion is just a downpayment

Posted by schroeder915 on December 22, 2005

… but much more will be needed to help people rebuild their homes, and to build a levee system capable of protecting life and property from a Category 5 storm. More is needed, and needed now.

The Times-Picayune:

In addition to $2.9 billion that remains in the bill to repair and upgrade levees, the spending bill also includes $1.6 billion for hurricane-ravaged schools as well as schools that took in displaced students from the hurricanes; $11.5 billion in Community Block Grant spending; $2.75 billion to repair roads, bridges and other transportation infrastructure in the Gulf Coast; $350 million to NASA to repair space facilities; $135 million to repair damage in national parks, wildlife refuges and forests; $30 million to repair waterways or watersheds; $618 million to help farmers and ranchers affected by the hurricanes; and $441 million for Small Business Administration disaster loans.


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