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More Katrina Christmas photos

Posted by schroeder915 on December 13, 2005

There’s so much that could be commented on today — Blanco’s reversal in support of levee board consolidation (welcome, if belated and very half-assed), the Bush administration’s refusal to help Entergy’s bankrupt Louisiana subsidiary (passing the cost of reconstruction on to ratepayers) despite the fact that it helped New York’s utility after 9-11, the New Orleans film industry signaling that it won’t return unless it receives credible assurances that the city will never flood again … so much … but I just don’t feel like dealing with it today. All I have to say is … well, I’d prefer to use different language, but I’m posting Christmas pictures here, so I’ll just say I hope George W. Bush gets a big sack of coal upside the head for Christmas!


One Response to “More Katrina Christmas photos”

  1. Michael said

    I’d be happy to purchase Shrub only the finest, hardest, anthracite coal, provided I could also slap him upside the head with a sack of it. And great post below re: the LA Times articles and graphics. Thanks.

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