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“I’m not sure anybody gives a damn about us”

Posted by schroeder915 on December 9, 2005

The whirling cyclone of reprehensible, criminal incompetence and negligence by the Bush administration is still killing victims who survived the initial destruction caused by Hurricane Katrina. Judy (Bits and Pieces from Katrina) has this tragic story which appeared in southern Mississippi’s Sun-Herald:

For months, William Hayes and his wife have been scrounging for food and sleeping in a tent behind a storm-battered doughnut shop in Waveland.

Hayes said his wife, who was more than five months’ pregnant, got sick this week when the temperature dipped into the 30s. Rain poured into their tent, it was cold, and his wife needed a doctor.

The couple was expecting a baby girl, but when Hayes got his wife to the hospital, his nightmare got even worse. The baby was dead.


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