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Ray, don’t just tell people to come home!

Posted by schroeder915 on December 3, 2005

Ray! Now why’re you gonna go up there to Atlanta and tell those people to come home to New Orleans if you keep telling them that they can’t put trailers on their lots. FEMA said they’d do it if you said it was okay. Sure, I know. FEMA makes lots of promises it can’t deliver, but why give them an excuse?

Ray: Stop patronizing people! If they want to live on a lot in a trailer or tent or whatever they decide to do, leave them alone! Yeah — of course it’s going to suck if they don’t have electricity, or gas, or water. But let them decide what how they want to live. They’re adults. Adults make life decisions without consulting you all the time. If you don’t change their diapers, don’t hold their hands when the cross the street, don’t drive them and their dates to the movies, then they’re not children, and they’re certainly not your children. Your job is to facilitate their needs. Your job is to make them aware of the hazards. And then, get out of the friggin’ way!

Stop it!

Ray, face that funky blaring brass band music you love to show you dance to. Okay? See, FEMA admits that it’s only ordered 2000 trailers, and only 480 families are living in a trailer right now.

What the eff are you thinking?!! Telling people to come back without giving them the means or the permission?!!

Ray, I wish people would come back too, and I wish it and say it and scream it every single friggin’ day! But I’m not the deal maker. I don’t make up the rules! YOU DO!

So how about you do your friggin’ job Ray!

And Ray, one more thing. Those people complaining about trailers coming into their neighborhoods? Put them in their places! The only legitimate concern they ought to have under the circumstances is crime. Yeah, it’s true. Some of those hooded a-holes just don’t want blacks in their neighborhood. Screw them. Maybe they’ll finally learn how to get along with their fellow citizens, brothers and sisters. But don’t give them the excuse that they’ll bring crime into their neighborhoods.

See Ray, what you do when you have a plan is you offer a solution. The solution here is to say you’re going to place so many police and National Guard in those trailer parks that any … ANY criminals will be busted so fast they’ll wish they never came back to New Orleans. See, you have an opportunity here to get people home, and keep New Orleans clean of criminals.

Need we have to remind you that home and safety are the fundamental guarantees that citizens ask of their mayor?

One last thing Ray. What’s the point of having a slick-looking City of New Orleans Web site (your only accomplishment) and citywide public wi-fi access if citizens can’t contact you?


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