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Why rebuild New Orleans?

Posted by schroeder915 on December 1, 2005


4 Responses to “Why rebuild New Orleans?”

  1. Polimom said

    Ah. What a spectacular picture.
    I just can’t imagine the world without that.

    Too bad Bush didn’t have a chance to really absorb Jackson Square when he was standing in it. Maybe if he saw this picture, he’d understand.

  2. dillyberto said

    Bush has come to New Orleans several times. It is difficult to understand him absorbing anything intellectually, though. Bush is a consumer, a user, a termite. The hurricane was another means for him to use New Orleans to boost sagging polls. I don’t know that he means what his speech writers wrote that night.

  3. Polimom said


    I couldn’t agree more, particularly as he’s gone totally deaf/mute about New Orleans.

    But emotionally, that picture just tugs soooo hard at the heart. Even an empty gourd outta feel something…

  4. Schroeder said

    I’m glad you appreciated the picture polimom.

    dillyberto, Bush always said he wouldn’t be a president who shifts his views in response to the latest poll (well, I’m sure it said it less eloquently). Maybe he’d do better if he actually listened to citizens.

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