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The consequences of failed leadership

Posted by schroeder915 on December 1, 2005

There are a lot of people hurting.

Katrina triggered what was arguably the biggest and quickest relocation of “reluctant migrants” in American history. They left en masse without being given much chance to consider why or where they were going.

In that same William Frey opinion piece, he cited surveys in which 39 percent of evacuees say they probably won’t return to New Orleans. Why? Most likely because they’re not getting any help returning.

Another Times-Picayune story states that the Port of New Orleans could lose a container handling firm, Mobile Container Terminal, but the deciding factor will be (anyone listening?), whether New Orleans, the state, the Bush administration, and Congress, can get their friggin’ acts together to rebuild this city with Category 5 storm protection.

Henrik Friis, vice president of sales and marketing. However, Friis said whether or not the cargo is permanently diverted will depend on what happens in the “big unknown” of New Orleans.

Meanwhile, Louisiana has at least a 20 percent unemployment rate. 1 in 5 workers out of jobs — and I think that’s figure probably misses thousands, ten thousands, or hundred thousands, of evacuees in other states.

All of which brings me the happy opportunity to once again remind everyone that President Bush, Shrub, village idiot, monkey boy, is the current winner of the PGR Katrina Boneless Chicken Award. I’ll take the barbecue sauce, thank you.


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