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Katrina Boneless Chicken Award

Posted by schroeder915 on November 28, 2005

It’s time to issue another boneless chicken award. The winner for a second time at People Get Ready is George W. Bush, for failing to behave as a real leader should when disaster strikes for chickening out from fulfilling his responsibility when disaster struck and people needed help.

Here we are in New Orleans waiting for any sign at all that the federal government will commit to building Category 5 storm protection. Meanwhile, hundreds of thousands of residents remain refugees (they are now politically exiled — no longer just “evacuees”), homeowners are afraid to rebuild, and businesses are keeping their doors closed, all because nobody wants to rebuild knowing full well that the current levee system is entirely incapable of protecting their investments.

Every day that goes by, another resident decides not to return, and another business relocates or shuts its doors forever. The time to announce a guaranteed commitment to Cat 5 protection is right now. Not another day should pass.

If President Bush is just going to leave New Orleans to rot, then he should have the guts to come out and say it so people can move on with their lives. I suggest he make the statement in the same place where he announced the lie that he “would do what it takes … stay there until the job is done” to rebuild New Orleans — right in front of New Orleans’ oldest church, St. Louis Cathedral in Jackson Square. Imagine the public reaction if he actually said he was going to abandon New Orleans to the Gulf of Mexico! Instead of admitting the truth that he won’t do anything, he’s hiding away from the cameras and keeping quiet, hoping that the rest of America won’t hear the desperate pleas of Louisiana residents for help.

Yes, the Republican-led Congress can also take some blame, but right now we need a strong executive leader to define a set of goals which include Cat 5 protection, identify the resources to finance those goals, and inspire public opinion to sacrifice in order to achieve those goals.

Given the leadership we’ve seen from President Bush thus far, three months after Hurricane Katrina, he could only be described as a boneless chicken.


7 Responses to “Katrina Boneless Chicken Award”

  1. Michael said

    If some of the ruined refrigerators still contain rotten vegetables/science experiments, I’d put on a hazmat suit, remove said, um, stuff, and personally pelt the dauphin if somehow they did allow him a second appearance in Jackson Square.

    But, nah, I doubt they’ll let Shrub out of his little hermetically sealed world ever again. He’s such an obvious failure…

  2. Mixter said

    He can’t stay the course in NOLA, but wants us to stay the course in Iraq. Some priorities this wanker has.


  3. Schroeder said

    Ha! Well said Mixter.

    Michael, maybe we could mail some of stinky refrigerator funk and moldy furniture remnants to him — oh, but that might be considered a homeland security threat.

  4. Michael said

    Tell ’em it’s ok because you’ve had it blessed with genuine NOLA floodwater…

  5. Although the Prez hasn’t come out and said anything about leaving New Orleans to rot, he did decide to go to Asia. Do you think that they have some good levee engineers in Asia? Mmmm…highly unlikely.

    I think he just got on that plane and left us staring at his best side as he flew off…

  6. Schroeder said

    They are good at damming rivers in China and flooding villages.

    Maybe we should worry?

  7. Mixter said

    Hell, we shoulda been worried BEFORE the SCOTUS gave Bush the presidency!


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