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Happy turkey day

Posted by schroeder915 on November 22, 2005

NY Times:
Well now, it’s just a dern good thang that turkey weren’t on death row-oh, because that preznit is one tough hombre. No siree. That there preznit is not afraid a killin’. Jes’ look at ‘at Iraq deal. N’ back ‘ere when he wuz the guv’ner, he wunt even cah-mute that Karla Faye Tucker lady tuh a life sentence, ‘n I think she mighta bin what they call reformed. Fact is, I think he mighta killed all 113 o’ them murd’rers, and ernly give one o’ them that clemency. Yes siree, I ain’t got nuthin’ ‘gainst ’em givin what they deserve, but I’d a thunk that a preznit who can give a turkey clemency mighta once in a blue moon give a guy a break, ‘spesh’ially if’n the fella found the luurd.


5 Responses to “Happy turkey day”

  1. S said

    I hope he gets lice from that bird (who will die of being so fat in about a week anyway).


    Spitting in a Wishing Well

  2. Schroeder said

    Nice of you to check in. Hope you’re well with the recovery and all.

    Maybe he’ll get Turkey flu.

  3. S said

    You, too. Thought about you as I was editing the latest pictures I’m going to put up.


  4. Anonymous said

    worst…fake New Orleans accent…ever.

  5. Schroeder said

    Son, I der you to call me one o’ them degen’rates from New Orleans. That son is a Texas accent.

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