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Send Odinet to the stocks

Posted by schroeder915 on November 21, 2005

I’m speculating whether to post a “tar and feather” list. Of course, Orleans Parish Levee Board chairman Jim Huey makes the top of the list. Rep. Ken Odinet (D-Arabi) will also be on that list for moving to stall in committee a bill to consolidate the levee boards that passed the state Senate last week. Furthermore, I’d add every one of the Democrats who voted with Odinet. I don’t think any of them would survive a day in the stocks.

Shame! Shame on you! Parishes around New Orleans need to get their acts together if any of us are going to survive another storm.


3 Responses to “Send Odinet to the stocks”

  1. Michael said

    My sister and I have been suggesting national figures for a tar and feather list lately–should be plenty of the latter around because of the bird flu…the volume of tar required might force the tapping of the Strategic Petroleum Reserve.

  2. Schroeder said

    Or maybe we could just slosh a few of the bastards around the Murphy oil spill.

  3. Mr. Clio said

    Odinet and Heitmeier need to lose their jobs NOW. Impeachment, tar and feather, whatever gets them out of their chairs in a representative chamber.

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