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What are New Orleanians thinking about?

Posted by schroeder915 on November 19, 2005

In between more serious decisions – like whether to stay or go, raise their homes, how to save their businesses, will New Orleans get Category 5 protection, The Times-Picayune has a new insert, “Inside/Out” with the following stories:

  • How to spot a liar.
  • Home swapping to save on hotel costs.
  • Photos of windows – broken, bent blinds, curtains hanging out of windows, windows still covered by plywood painted – many painted with messages.
  • Price differences for sheetrock in other cities compared to New Orleans – a 4 x 8 1/2 inch sheetrock in Houston, $5.96; in New Orleans, $8.47; but Atlanta, $8.53 and $7.79, and Chicago, $6.35 and $7.37. The conclusion is that Houston’s low price is the anomaly because there are so many sheetrock manufacturers there. Hmm … stands to reason then that New Orleans, with strong ties to Houston, might benefit at least a little from its proximity to Houston.
  • Choosing a contractor.
  • Parched plants need watering now.
  • How to save your magnolia (most were severely damaged or killed by the brackish water) .
  • Celebrating Thanksgiving with a house full of homeless Katrina friends and family.
  • How to save your golf clubs if they were under water (yeah, really) .
  • How to save a water-soaked painting.
  • Home repairs are requiring more time and money – prices are up 25 percent due to the shortage of laborers and a 15 percent increase in the cost of materials (some insurance companies are not taking this into consideration) .
  • Roofing materials costs are going up 7 to 10 percent every two to three weeks.
  • Real estate transfers – what might your home be worth now?

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