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The end of the Bush era

Posted by schroeder915 on November 19, 2005

Even conservatives are rebelling against the village idiot currently occupying the White House.

Ross Douthat, Associate Editor of The Atlantic Monthly, discussing on NPR an article he authored in The Weekly Standard, “The Party of Sam’s Club: Isn’t it time the Republicans did something for their voters?,” on the future of the Republican Party in an era of scandal, disillusionment, and voter discontent:

Ross Douthat: This legislative term just as a whole has demonstrated at least the bankruptcy of the Bush administration’s domestic policy. You know your majority’s in trouble, I would say, when you pass a bill and it’s immediately attacked by both smart conservatives and smart liberals. And that’s what’s been happening all too often to the Republicans.

Robert Siegel: You’re using “bankruptcy” figuratively?

Ross Douthat: But literally as well.


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